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Yarn-dyed Tea Towel

Yarn-dyed tea towels are essential daily textiles for kitchens, restaurants, and everyday life. It has the characteristics of soft handfeel, thick and thick texture, good moisture absorption, wear-resistance and durability. It has a wide variety of products and uses in various fields, including dishware, napkins, hanging towels, tea mats, dish towels, teapot towels, handkerchiefs, and aprons, rice sheets, and anti-hot gloves.

Tea towel is a kind of multi-process intensive processing of home textiles, many varieties, the production process is more cumbersome, generally woven into a variety of different requirements of the fabric, after finishing into a semi-finished products, and then according to the requirements of each different species cut edge sewing for the finished product, Then tailor the seam edge to the finished product according to each different requirement. The raw materials are usually rough and pure cotton yarns, and some of them are made of cotton and linen blended yarns. Chemical fiber yarns are rarely used.
Variety and specifications
The specifications of tea towels are as follows: Handkerchief towel 40.6x68.6cm, gloves 20.3x28cm, apron 45.7x66cm, teapot towel 19.1x19.1cm.

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